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WPX Hosting Review 2021

WPX Hosting Review


I have tested over a dozen web hosting companies and have found WPX to be the best. In summary, they offer unbelievable speeds, an incredibly low price, and top-notch support for a managed WordPress solution.


  • Incredibly Fast
  • A Really Fast  and Helpful Customer Service
  • Easy to setup


  • Priced way above shared hosting 
  • Not a great  UI
  • Not for you if you have a low traffic webiste

Are you looking for the best overall managed WordPress hosting provider for your high traffic website? Do you have a slow website or dead-end customer service that does not assist or answer your questions?

In that case Well WPX Hosting is the one you should look for. As a website owner and a user I also know the frustration with slow website and a non supportive customer service

In this article I’ll explain why WPX Hosting is a better choice for you and their Pros and cons. I’m going to walk through everything you need to know about WPX Hosting Review to decide if they’re the right managed wordpress host for your need.

I will provide you insight in to WPX hosting by showing you the most important result from my tests like the page load speed, uptime and customer support. And in the final thoughts I will give you my honest opinion on WPX hosting and offer for you to purchase the web host.

Ease of use and Setup

Let’s get straight in the after purchase setup and ease of use. From their home page you can see it looks effortless to navigate with the custom user interface compared to the cPanel that many other hosting providers use. The design is clean but does not feel like there is as much you can do here so it can be  a good or a bad thing depending on your preference. 

To install and create wordpress website click on manage websites and you can add new website there.if this is not the one that you want or if you’re transferring your domain name from  another hosting provider you can request wpx hosting’s staff team they will do this for you for free.

That’s a great free feature they have for you.

Installing SSL certificate

What about installing an SSL certificate?  this is very important and must be installed. WPX makes it easy for you setup a SSL certificate by one click.

Creating e-mail address

With the same ease as creating SSL certificates you can create an e-mail address with one click and everything is easy to manage.

I believe all users especially beginners will love how simple and clean their user interface is and how easy it is to navigate and perform tasks on your site. WPX kept it very minimalist so that everything is easy to find. 

I found one con with WPX, though, as I did not find their custom user interface as polished as some of their competitors’ 

For example, they don’t provide a shortcut for auto logging into your WordPress dashboard; you have to log in separately. The problem is that it is such a small one that most people won’t even notice it, so I think I’m being a little picky here.  


I installed the basic WordPress site for speed and uptime testing. I used gtmetrix to test the speed of the bare bones site.  

wpx hosting speed test

0.6s is a fantastic result for wpx. This is among the fastest bare-bones websites I have seen. Further, I would add some design elements to it to make it more appealing to the test. 

 WPX hosting has lightspeed servers, so I’ll use their recommended litepeed cache plugin to speed up the website. Next, I will install a plugin called short pixel, which is for image optimization. Finally, I will install WPX Cloud CDN which will also increase the performance of the website.

Although the website’s performance depreciated somewhat after all the work around, it was still impressive compared with its competitors. It now takes 0.9 seconds to load the page, which is excellent and makes them the fastest hosting provider I’ve ever tested.

The site also meets Google’s recommended site loading speed of two to three seconds with no issue


Using uptime robot I have also monitored the stability of WPX and their uptime for the past 30 days has been 100%. There has been no downtime in over 61 days and counting, which is particularly impressive. 

Overall, I would rate the WPX hosting speed and uptime performance as a perfect 10.   Their speed boasts one of the highest speeds I’ve ever experienced and their uptime also ranks among the highest.

I have a quick question for you: do you think that the page load speed of WPX is faster or slower than your current hosting performance. Please let us know in the commentsts


WPX provide 24/7 customer support through email and live chat, however WPX lacks phone support, so it won’t work well if you want your questions answered by phone. WPX provides 24/7 customer support through email and live chat, however, WPX lacks phone support, so it won’t work well if you want your questions answered by phone. Additionally, WPX has accommodating staff to assist you with your needs. 

Regarding their response time, I contacted them three times throughout the day in order to get an overall average and not just a bias fast response during off-peak  hours. Based on the three times being 18 seconds, 16 seconds, and 22 seconds, the average of the three hits is around 19 seconds. 

According to their live chat policies, they promise a response time of 30 seconds or less, and they actually comply with that. This is certainly faster than any other hosting provider I’ve tried.

The work done by wpx hosting here is truly amazing. I consider the maximum wait time for any hosting company should be below five minutes, and wpx fulfills that requirement. Their support was, in my opinion, outstanding, and I would give them a perfect 10. I have never experienced such friendly and quick response time from any online service before, and it has been my best experience ever with their support staff


Let’s take a look at their hosting plan pricing. WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting offering, and they use Litespeed servers to deliver the best performance possible. They also provide you with a custom CDN for even more speedy performance.

With WPX, 3 different pricing tiers are available: business, professional, and elite. The main difference between them is how many websites can be used, the bandwidth available, and the storage size.

All plans include free :

● 30 Second Average Live Chat Response Time 24/7/365 

● High-Speed Custom CDN With 26 Global Edge Locations
● Unlimited Site Migrations To WPX

● Unlimited SSLs 

● Staging Site 

● Email 

● Manual Backups 

● DDoS Protection
● Free Malware Scanning & Removal 

● PHP 7.X 

● 30 Day Money-Back 

● 28 Day Automatic Daily Backups
● 99.95% Uptime Guarantee 

● 1-Click WordPress Installations 

● USA + UK + Australian Hosting Locations

There are several notable features here, including a 20 day automatic backup and their own custom CDN. They have a 30 second average live chat response time, while a highly unique feature is that their staff will migrate your entire website for free. Most providers charge a fortune to do this.

Pricing for a managed WordPress hosting solution In the Basic plan, you get up to 5 websites and 100 gigabytes of bandwidth, which is around 50 000 visits per month. If you upgrade to the Elite plan, you get unlimited bandwidth and 35 websites, which is a very affordable price considering managed WordPress hosting

Final Thoughts

I have tested over a dozen web hosting companies and have found them to be the best. In summary, they offer unbelievable speeds, an incredibly low price, and top-notch support for a managed WordPress solution. Suppose you’re looking for the best overall hosting provider on the market. In that case, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, I believe WPX hosting is an excellent choice for you to consider.

On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget or having a low traffic website and cannot afford managed WordPress hosting, then I’d recommend shared hosting instead. I recommend Bluehost and Hostinger for shared Web Hosting.

You can check out the Review for Bluehost and Hostinger here

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