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I reviewed a content creation tool recently. This particular tool focuses on keyword research and creating content. neuraltext might be useful for anyone who works in the SEO space. a lot of new AI tools have popped up lately as a consequence of Google’s new gpt-3.

You can try NeuralText free trial CC not required.

we’ll see if this tool is still just another one in the pile or if they’ve got something extra to offer.

neuraltext review free trial

In their dashboard, I basically got all the tools I wanted right after I onboarded, which is great.

I found out later that there are so many tools available but I thought i got them all right away.

Let’s try to dive into neuraltext and review the outputs of all of these tools and see how they are correlated.


They provide three comprehensive modules: their content module, their keyword module, and their smart copy section.

Starting with the keyword section, two main features exist within that module.

  1. Keyword ideas  
  2. Keyword cluster

My goal was to come up with a few keyword ideas, so I used “wordpress backup plugins” as my keyword. The result came back as three different terms, one of which was what i typed in.

neuraltext review keword

Hence, the result wasn’t what I had expected, however I hope it will improve in time if I continue using other keyword tools such as nichesss or frase, i will get a long list of keywords. So there is room for improvement.

They also have a keyword cluster. When I experimented with this, I realised it was a bit buggy. I was unable to upload my files. 

It was a bit challenging to find out what format to make my excel file or csv file, as well as what data to put into that file. I believe they must work on their help text and follow up beyond that.

As I discovered later, it clusters all of your keywords. I did not find any significant value in that.

Content Module

neuraltext review content brief

The content module is an easy to use tool that lets you create your content by starting with a keyword.

When you put in your keyword, you will see information such as search volume for that keyword, what the top 10 searches for that term are, and what other keywords users are searching around this one.

In addition, you’ll get backlinks that are really cool because you’ll be able to generate a long list of possible backlinks that you can then go out and acquire those backlinks.

In general, backlinks are the most challenging aspect of getting content within a website and the challenge of finding different websites for getting these backlinks.

Basically, what neuraltext does is grabs them and makes a list just like a to-do list.

It’s just a matter of taking a look through the list and you’ll find the links for everything you want to use within content.

Obviously there is a bit of confusion when I create my document and I add the keyword, but then I am presented with an editor. This editor is so tiny and has very few features. It seems so outdated.

Then later I discovered that they have an editor that is much larger and you can edit in it.

When you have all of these things next to the editor, it makes it so much easier to create good content. You have top 10 search results. You have competitors, outline of competitors, backlinks and so much more.

Smart Copy

neuraltext review smartcopy

The last module they have is smart copy and if you have tried nichesss it’s basically the same. There are a ton of tools which offers similar.

Although a lot of tools do not make much sense, you can for instance create a love letter that would not be terribly relevant to a seo writer, but for those who want it, it is present.

neuraltext review love letter

They also have many different tools like SEO titles, sale descriptions, and just about every other tool out there so you can also generate content in parts with GBT-3.

Creating long form content is limited but there are still plenty of possibilities out there for you to explore.

One of the things about neuraltext is that I have seen it with every other tool and the AI field is new for everybody. They basically generate tools for each and every need. The only problem with that is that what they generate doesn’t fit any need.

When you check the smart copy module, you will find that there are almost 40 different tools you can use.

It would be nice for them to concentrate a tiny bit more on what they do.

NeuralText Pricing

neuraltext review pricing

Its pricing structure is very generous, they offer a free plan where you can get five content briefs, 50 smart copies, and analyze keywords five times.

You can use their copy tools up to 50 times for free.

Additionally, they have two better plans that you can upgrade and that include multiple languages

There aren’t many languages available right now, but they will probably add more in the future.

NeuralText Competitors

NeuralText’s main competitors are Clearscope and Marketmuse. Marketmuse caters to the content side of the content industry while Clearscope caters to the AI side.

Market Muse also uses AI, but not within the same context, to investigate keywords for their content and simply create relevant content and meta descriptions, titles, and so on.

A competitor to neuraltext is Clearscope, a company that has developed AI-enhanced texts similar to newell text.

Nichesss focuses only on its smart copy tool, which is a major part of neuraltext.

Final Thoughts on NeuralText

Future prospects for NeuralText seem a little fuzzy if they don’t rectify the mistakes.

I would love for them to put all those tools away and then focus on that it’s a tool to create content or focus on researching keywords.

I believe that the problem with them adding so many different tools is that you as a person or as a user of this tool don’t really know how or when to use it.

In other words, that means they are going in many different directions instead of being extremely good at one thing. That doesn’t work well in the end.

I hope they are going to focus on something they excel at.

You can try their free trial CC not required

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