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How to find low competition niches for affiliate marketing for Amazon? There are a million articles about amazon affiliate marketing and how they are so profitable but yet only the top site owners with money to spend on ads and right products to sell are getting most of the success like $100,000/Mo.

A lot of affiliate marketers have had frustrating experiences when they try to make a living from Amazon Affiliate and make less to no money due to high competition.

You might have tried finding a lower competition Amazon affiliate niche and never found any till now. But now you can sleep better

If you are an Amazon Affiliate and need  low competition niches to promote your Amazon Affiliate Products, this is a must-see post for you!

In my experience, the toughest part of making money with Amazon is finding the right niche. You need to find products that a lot of people search for but there aren’t many other people marketing them or writing blog about.

This guide will give you some ideas on how to find these Low competition Amazon affiliate niches. 

By utilizing this technique, I hope you can find a niche that has low competition and high earning potential.

What is a Niche?

Despite it having multiple meanings, In the context of affiliate marketing  a niche is a narrow concept within a large industry or category.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Basically, this refers to any website that earns from Amazon Associates Program  using affiliate links/banners placed throughout it.

These kinds of sites have to disclose their affiliation to its visitors, which is a policy of the Amazon Associate Program. You can review their affiliate disclosure on their website either on a separate page or at the footer or header.

Why Do You Need to Select Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches

Now that you know what a niche is, as well as a bit of why you need to select one, let’s discuss the idea of a profitable niche.

A profitable niche is simply a niche that enables you to sell products quicker and earn more affiliate revenue.

I know what you might be thinking. It’s easier to say than to do. While I agree that it’s harder than it sounds, yet it’s easier than you’d assume. Here are a few obvious reasons why you need to select profitable niches for affiliate marketing and how it will help you to make more affiliate revenue

How to find low competition niches for affiliate marketing

I’ll go straight  into the method. To use this trick you need these 3 tools

  1. Ahref Tool
  2. Moz Bar Browser Extension and free Moz account
  3. SEOQuake and SEMrush free account to connect SEOQuake

You can use Ahref’s chrome extension as well but It is always to better to use different service providers metrics to analyze.

Why we use this method?

This method is based on a simple theory.

When you hover your mouse over any amazon affiliate link of any affiliate site amazon tracking link will appear at the bottom of your browser.

Though you probably didn’t notice it, the link doesn’t go directly to the Amazon site. It goes via another domain called, which is the tracking domain for

How to Find Low Competition Amazon Affiliate Niche
How to Find Low Competition Amazon Affiliate Niche

So your affiliate link does not go directly to amazon. There is another domain in the middle. Your link will point to this site called “”.

Keeping search engine in mind, that affiliate link becomes a backlink to this site called “” in this way, the affiliate links of everyone who affiliates with Amazon become backlinks to “”.

What we are going to do here is filtering these backlinks coming to these using Ahref tool.

Okay let’s put the theory behind and get into the action.

How to find the profitable low competition amazon affiliates sites.

Step 1 – Filtering the affiliates sites using Ahref

1. Go to and put in the site explorer and search

How to Find Low Competition Amazon Affiliate Niche
Go to and put in the site explorer and search

2. and go to the backlinks section

How to Find Low Competition Amazon Affiliate Niche
go to the backlinks section of

3. Once you get the backlinks window apply these filters. These filters will filter the potential amazon affiliate websites

Filter 1 – Select blog in the content

Filter 2  – Select English in Language filter

Filter 3 – And set the minimum traffic to 100 per month, This will filter the websites that are failed to rank on Google or far less demand for the products

Filter 4 – Click one link per domain

How to Find Low Competition Amazon Affiliate Niche
Filter 1 – Select blog in the content, Filter 2  – Select English in Language filter, Filter 3 – And set the minimum traffic to 100 per month,

4. Sort this filtered list by DR from 0( Ahref arrange according to sites ranked by 0 backlinks)

How to Find Low Competition Amazon Affiliate Niche
Sort this filtered list by DR from 0

5. Once you apply all of these filters and arrangement export this list.

How to Find Low Competition Amazon Affiliate Niche

It will take time please be patient since there are around 10,000 potential websites.

Yes you heard it right, we have around 10,000 sites to analyze and filter.

Step 2 – Further Filter the Exported list to find the hidden gems

You have to analyze and filter these 10000 domains one by one, don’t get exhausted even before starting.

Ill show you an easy method here, Read further.

What we have to do here is copy the exported list and paste it on a google sheet.

Keep the Google sheet aside for now,

you have to make some arrangements with Moz Bar and SEO Quake extensions. Follow the below pictures for Extension setup.

SEOQuake Extension Setup

How to Find Low Competition Amazon Affiliate Niche
SEOQuake extension setup

Once you setup all the extension setups open the google sheet.

Here the trick comes for easy and fast filtering

Select a quantity of links and click “Alt + Enter”. This will open up the links in different tabs.

Select a quantity of links and click “Alt + Enter”

Then look at the Moz bar for DA and SEOQuake for the traffic of those sites, filter and list the sites that you think are good and have potential.

You may see a discrepancy between Moz DA and Ahref DR and SEMrush traffic and Ahref traffic when filtering websites; this is why you have to use two to three tool metrics for evaluation.

Since these tools use their own method to measure domain authority and traffic value, It is wise to check different tools’ metrics for evaluation.

Selecting a Suitable Niche for You

After you have filter out the exported list, check whether these selected niches have these characteristics.

  • Demand
  • Less number of affiliate marketers
  • Decent  Commission Rates
  • Passion for the Niche
  • Broad Niche for Growth
  • Evergreen


There may be a niche that isn’t too competitive, but what is the point of marketing something that people are not looking for?

Your business’s success will depend on receiving hundreds of small payouts, so there has to be sufficient interest and demand for the product.

Hence, demand is one of the key characteristics of a profitable niche.

Less number of affiliate marketers

It’s easy or less difficult for you to rank your site.

Decent Commission rate

It can yield you a decent amount of earnings when you rank your site.

Broad Niche for the growth

It has enough products and sub-categories for you to make a whole site out of them.

Passion for the Niche

You should have some interest in the Niche. knowledge for the Niche can be obtained if you have enough interest.

If you have the interest for a niche you can learn and make the website work if you have the courage for it.

If you Lack in interest for the Niche no matter how many tasks you outsource you will fail in the long run


It should not based on lot of hype and not temporary in nature. 

Seasonal Niche can be accommodating if you cover both the seasons or you satisfy with the income.

Final Thoughts

The Authority Hacker course and a Facebook group taught me this trick; I took what I learned there and adapted it.

I hope you benefit from this method in finding some low-competition amazon affiliate niches you never considered having this much potential.

If you have decided on your niche, Check out these guide to moving forward.

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