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Home Depot Affiliate program is a similar program like Amazon affiliates where Home depot mainly focuses on Home improvement and Work Tools. Home Depot affiliate program works identical to amazon affiliates.

The Home Depot majority of stores are located in the USA and USA’s territories. Still, They do operate in Canada and Mexico as well.

As the most significant home improvement and tool retailer they have more than 2300 stores in their reign

They do not offer affiliation program for Mexico but they do provide Canadian affiliate program alongside USA

I’ll try to cover the full detailed guide of the Home Depot Affiliate Program here. If you need further details or corrections please do let us know in the comments

Home Depot Affiliate Program

home depot affiliate program

The Home Depot affiliate program can be joined from their website or on Impact Radius. If you have already signed up with Impact Radius you can easily find the program on the Impact Radium partners and can join from there.

Their only requirement is to have an own website. Even though Home Depot accepts several types of websites, it is always better to have a website related to them. Our goal is not only to get accepted to the Home Depot affiliate program but to make money through it.

Similar to the Amazon affiliate program they too offer 24 hours of cookie for your readers’ click but it works on the latest click attribution model. It means you will get paid only if the customers’ last clicks are from your end.

Similar to the Amazon Affiliate program, the Home depot affiliate program offers text links and various sizes of Banners to promote their goods.

What Can I Promote with Home Depot Affiliate Program

The Home Depot Affiliate Program open to all categories in their stores. Any products you can find on their online store can be promoted using an affiliate program. But commission may vary.

Home Depot has more than 15 categories, and each primary category is divided into subcategories for the consumer’s convenience.

There are quite a lot of products to promote. Home Depot online store has more than 200,000 products where you can find the products that interest you.

If you are someone promoting Home improvement products am pretty sure you will find some potential item to promote.

Due to their commissioning structure, not all Home Depot products has the potential to make big money for you.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot make money. You have to place yourself strategically to make money using the Home Depot Affiliate program.

Let’s have a look at the Home Depot Commission details and breakdown

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Home Depot Affiliate Program Commission Details

Home Depot’s current commission is 1% on products, mobile, and buy online pick up in-store orders, 1% on appliances, and 8% on select home décor products.

Please keep in mind that All gift cards, installation services, custom-created products, and select special orders and in-store purchases are not eligible for commissions.

home depot affiliate program

Let me explain the exception scenarios where commissions are not applied.

Gift cards If a customer makes a purchase with a gift voucher even after clicking your affiliate link, you will not earn anything.

Installation services – The Home Depot customers can request installation services from Home Depot. But these kinds of extra payments will not be calculated as sale amount from your affiliation. You will not get any commission through these service payments.

Custom requested by customers are not eligible for the commission program.

In-store purchases It means if a customer pays and picks up the goods from a physical store, you will not earn a commission. Obviously, even you have lead the customers to the Home Depot store, it is impossible to track the purchase and make a commission for that.

However, you earn a commission if a customer pays online and pick up the goods from their physical store. These purchases can be traced back to the affiliate where in-store purchases can not.

Impact Radius platform allows you to withdraw your earned commission through multiple methods once you reach $50

They support Paypal, Cheque, Wire Transfer, and Direct Deposit. The minimum Payout for a cheque is $100, where others at $50.

Can I Make $1000/Month as a Home Depot Affiliate?

Can you make $1000/Month?

Yes, definitely you can. But it depends on your strategy and your hard work.

Home Depot is paying a 1% commission for High-end Items and paying their high commission of 8% for low priced home decor category.

Home Depot products in the Home Decor category are low priced like wall decoration, Pillows, Clocks, etc.

However, if you dig deeper, you can find some subcategories with more expensive products that you can promote for a higher commission.

Well for your convenience we will go for a demonstration with one product.

Please keep in mind that just because you are promoting a high-end product doesn’t mean you can easily earn a high commission. Usually, high-priced goods have low conversion than low-priced goods since people always do more research when they tend to spend on a high-priced item. It means your link at the last click of a customer is also a questionable aspect.

For our demonstration, let’s check this arched black decorative mirror here, which sells for $170

home depot affiliate program

The average conversion rate to click is 3%-5% keeping the high price, and a bit less trafficked niche here we can consider a 1% or 2% for conversion from the link clicks.

With the approximate of 8% commission, we can expect a ($170 * 8%) $13 Commission from a sale.

To make $1000 from this product alone is a hypothetical situation since no one makes $1000/Month from one product only.

You have to make 76 sales conversions to reach this goal. Let’s assume only 40% of your website visitor clicks the affiliate links, and from that only, 2% buy from the affiliate link.

In that case, you have to take around 9500 visitors to your website. I don’t think it is impossible given the current web traffic flow.

Everyone is searching online with the pandemic and all. So It is possible in my view but you need to put your work to achieve the target.

How to choose product using Home Depot Affiliate program

It always comes to the product when it comes to affiliate income. Whatever the affiliate program will be, It is the product that will bring you a commission.

So it is always important when it comes to choosing the product.

You should always select products that don’t need a try out before purchasing or less availability in the physical stores.

Because If the customer looks to purchase the product from the store, you will not get a commission for the purchase.

Products like where people tend to experience it before purchasing is not a good choice to promote

And another thing you should consider is Keyword Research. As a newbie, you should always target less competitive keywords for your content as a new website, you will not be able to see a chance in Google’s SERP if you choose High or Normal Competitive Keywords.

As you grow your website, target low to mid competitive keywords with good traffic.

You can use social media like Facebook and Pinterest to drive traffic to your website since this kind of home décor niches do well on Pinterest.

And you should always include multiple products in your articles to cover several affiliate products in one post. Posts Titles “Best” and “Top” works well as it incorporates several products in one article

Example – “Top 10 designer Wall Mirrors.”

Home Depot’s affiliate program does not allow you to send traffic from social media or email marketing. However, it’s still okay to send it from social media as it contains your posts glimpse but not Email marketing.

What Are the Home Depot Affiliate Program Alternatives?

There are several affiliate programs associated to the home improvement niche which one is better compared to the competitors let’s check out some similar affiliation programs

1. Amazon Associates

amazon affiliate program

Which one comes to your mind when thinking about an affiliation program?

Obviously, it is none other than Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates has 8% commission for the Home improvement category than the 1% on Home Depot.

However, Home Depot offers 8% on Home Décor Category

Both the Amazon Associates and Home Depot affiliate program have 24 hour cookie period.

Even though Home Depot is specialized in the home improvement category, Amazon offers a vast range of products compared to Home Depot.

If you have the ability to find a product related to your topic from both platforms. I think it is better to stick Amazon over Home Depot.

2. Walmart

walmart affiliate program

Walmart offers a 4% commission higher compared to Home Depot.

But compared to Home Depot and Amazon, They have fewer varieties of products for sale. But they offer a more extended cookie period of 3 days compared to 24 hours of Home Depot and Amazon

3. Wayfair

wayfair affiliate program

Wayfair is another specialized store in the Home improvement and décor category.

I would suggest you go with Wayfair if you find your relevant products at the Wayfair platform as the Wayfair affiliate program offers a 7% commission and a 7 days cookie period.

They offer a 7% commission for all their products which is a nice thing to note, and they are generous with their cookie period as well.

Should I Join the Home Depot Affiliate Program?

home depot affiliate program

Home Depot is a well established platform similar to Amazon where everyone trusts due to their longer establishment, their service, and their specialization in the Home improvement category.

But when it comes to Home Depots Affiliate Program, I don’t think value for your effort oppose to the alternatives they provide lower commission rates and low cookie period

Typically we tend to move towards higher commission rated platforms, but it is not the case always, Where there are some categories that give more conversion with lower commission rate platforms. Primarily it is based on the trustworthiness of the platform with the peoples.

But in this case, all the above mentioned affiliate platforms have good credibility with the customers, so you will not go wrong with either of them.

So look for a reasonable commission rate and longer cookie period when selecting the affiliate programs

FAQ about Home Depot Affiliate Program

1. Does Home Depot have an affiliate program?

Yes, They have an affiliate program connected with Impact Radius. You can join with their affiliate programs using their official website and impact radius.

2. What percentage Home Depot affiliate programs pay?

Home Depot is paying 1% commission for Home Appliances and 8% for the home decor category.

3. How does the Walmart affiliate program work?

Walmart’s Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn commission by placing banner ads or text links on their website content. 
Affiliates earn money to purchase from the affiliate link, and Walmart pays around 4% on each eligible sale.

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