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Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways Hosting Review


Cloudways offers flexibility to decide how much power you need, tons of different server configurations and locations and you can always try out the 3 Days trial and decide for yourself.


  • Extremely Customizable
  • Fully Managed Hosting
  • Easy to setup
  • NO Upfront Hosting payment
  • FREE 3 Day Tria


  • A Bad Past
  • Too much Options may confuse you

Cloudways is a relatively new company that’s been making a lot of noise in the web hosting industry recently.

However, if you just look at their webpage it might be a little bit confusing since they do not sell any web hosting directly.

Cloudways actually buy it from other people and then resell it to you.

Is it worth it? or Is it Good as Managed WordPress hosting? What Cloudways does differently from traditional hosting providers

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to find out.

I’ve compiled the top 5 most important things that I believe you should know before you buy hosting.

Cloudways Review - FREE 3 Days Trial

Cloudways web hosts has a weird business model to say the least and they perfectly understand that.

That’s why they’re offering you a 3-day free trial no credit card required

not sure if you like their control panel? not sure how their cloud VPS can improve your site’s performance?

Well, you don’t really need to guess these answers just use the links below and get a free all-inclusive 3 day trial and see for yourself.

If you just want to test out a super simple hosting with like GB of ram and 2 CPU Cores to see if it’s enough to handle your website before the migration.

Sure, you can do that or you can create a total beast with like 400GB of ram and 100 CPU Cores and see just how it all looks.

You Don’t pay for Cloud Hosting Upfront

Wait what no upfront payment?

Then how do you pay here well Cloudways is unique because you pay month by month only for the resources you have used during the previous months.

So, when you first sign up you will be only billed in next month there are no upfront fees.

3 day trial actually makes Cloudways one of the cheaper options when it comes to web hosting.

Especially if you’re a small business owner because you only pay for what you use there are no fixed prices here.

Extremely Customizable Web Hosting

Cloudways offers a wide range of different providers, locations, and configurations.

Indeed, the choice is one of the best words to describe this provider.

You can choose your desired Data Centers you can choose the different server configurations and you can choose differently priced providers.

In short, you’re not forced to settle for the plans that are available to you.

You can actually build your own fully custom perfect creme de la creme hosting environment that will suit your needs.

A Bad Past

Cloudways Review

The best Cloudways fell into the trap of wanting to be recognized and known too fast.

They tried to accelerate their growth by using some less than honorable marketing tactics. They’re almost universally banned in every single discussion board or forum or subreddit.

They had employees pretend to be users and recommend this service faking some reviews or in general just talking about Cloudways without disclosing that they work for the company.

A little bit of lying and deception to get more recognition and some of that juicy fake internet cloud is definitely not what i call a pro gamer move.

Just a Reseller

Cloudways Review reseller

In essence Cloudways hosting is just a reseller they resell web hosting packages from other Cloud providers companies to you directly and put a little bit of a premium price on top of that.

You can actually get the exact same servers from Amazon Web services, Google Cloud, Digital ocean, Vulture directly and it’s going to cost you half the price of what Cloudways is offering.

So why does exactly Cloudways Hosting Provider sell their servers at double the cost?

Well Cloudways offers Managed Cloud Hosting Platform and add additional services on top they set up the server for you. You get 24/7 live chat support and a control panel to control the server management yourself without the need of an experienced administrator.

Cloudways Review Final Thoughts

If you’re a tech savvy user there’s actually little to no point for you to use Cloudways you can go directly to the supplier and get the same exact server for half the cost because you probably won’t take advantage of their easy to use control panel and 24/7 live chat support.

But if you’re someone that’s not that technical but still want to use cloud hosting for their server resources and especially easy to use cloud hosting Cloudways is actually one of the best options that you have among the top cloud providers.

Cloudways offers flexibility to decide how much power you need, tons of different server configurations and locations and you can always try out the 3 Days trial and decide for yourself.

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