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What is Bluehost VPS hosting? and why should you use it.? Would you like to have a faster, better, and more secure WordPress site? Of course, we do! Everyone wants their websites to load faster. The benefits of VPS hosting become obvious here.

It’s difficult to choose your hosting when you’re just getting started. I highly recommend VPS hosting over shared hosting if you are building a high-performance website.

Hosting on a shared server is good only for websites with low traffic. How do you host a site that has a significant number of visitors or how can you make your site load quickly even though you have a lot of visitors? A VPS hosting plan is the solution. That’s why I’m bringing you an affordable and easy to use VPS Hosting Provider

What is VPS hosting?

In virtual private server hosting, you will get a dedicated server to maintain your files and data so that your site loads faster, even if it’s visited by thousands of people at the same time.

In VPS hosting their resources are allocated based on your selections, exclusively for your websites instead of shared with anyone else, like shared hosting.

Here we are going to check out the Bluehost VPS review and why it is a good choice?

Bluehost VPS Review

Bluehost VPS Plans and Pricing

 When you compare the resources that you will get with the price, Bluehost VPS plans offer great value. The payment schedule is monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, annual, or every two or three years. Longer terms are eligible for greater discounts. For those who are not satisfied, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee too.

For $18.99/month for three years, the Standard plan is the cheapest. Featuring a dual-core processor, 30GB of SSD storage, 2GB RAM, and a bandwidth limit of 1TB, this VPS Hosting includes all the essentials.

The enhanced plan is the most lucrative plan offered by Bluehost as it gives you the most bang for your buck. An extra $11 gets you twice as much RAM, storage, and bandwidth as the Standard plan.

Those with high visitor traffic should consider the Ultimate plan. With a quad-core processor, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD storage, and a bandwidth limit of 3TB, it comes with plenty of power and performance. Regardless of the number of visitors to your site, the plan ensures that it is always functional and fast. I Will check the performance of the Bluehost VPS later in the post

Bluehost VPS Features

With a Bluehost VPS, you get all the following features: 

  1. Instant provisioning 
  2. Root access 
  3. Multiserver management 
  4. Free SSL 
  5. Free domain registration for one year
  6. SSD storage, and more.

Getting started with instant provisioning is easy. Your website will be up and running as soon as you pay for it. VPS activation can take hours or even days with some other VPS hosts.

They also offer 24/7 phone and chat support for their VPS customers. If you ever encounter any issues with your site or your server, you can contact them at any time.

If you need complete access to your server, root access is another awesome feature to have. In the hands of an inexperienced operator, root access provides complete control over a server. The programs that you want and the ones you don’t want can be installed and uninstalled. Using this software, you can access and edit files on your server for full optimization.

Multi-server management gives you the option to add more hosting services to your account, whether it’s a VPS, dedicated or shared server. They can also be easily managed.

Bluehost VPS Performance

Performance is the most important consideration when choosing a host, particularly uptime and speed. If your site is slow and/or frequent crashes, all the features in the world will mean nothing. If you are working with SEO, you will also lose out on conversions and sales if your site takes too long to load.

Our favorite thing about Bluehost’s VPS is its SSD storage capabilities. It is surprising to find out that there are still a lot of hosting providers who use mechanical hard drives. As far as read and write speed is concerned, SSDs are significantly better than HDDs. Furthermore, Bluehost has integrated Cloudflare into their platform, which also helps with loading speed.

Bluehost performs decently in terms of uptime. Hosting with Bluehost typically results in uptime of 99.99%. As far as industry standards go, this is considered acceptable. 

Bluehost Customer Support

In our experience, Bluehost provides good performance. Customer support is another important factor to consider when choosing a web host. You should avoid hosting companies that are unable to provide timely support.

Customers needing assistance have access to a ticketing system and a 24/7 phone and chat service. If you prefer to search on your own for solutions, you can also access their knowledge base.

Our experience with their chat support was that it takes around a couple of minutes to respond. There is still room for improvement in the support. My overall experience, however, has been very positive.

Bluehost VPS hosting: Would we recommend it?

The answer is yes and no. In fact, Bluehost VPS is the right hosting choice if you want VPS hosting at an affordable price, but there are also alternatives.

WPX hosting, for example, offers excellent features and high speed and it is becoming one of the top competitors for Bluehost. However, they are more expensive than Bluehost. In this VPS hosting review, I want to emphasize that everything comes down to your budget and website requirements.

If you are a beginner check out our trending Bluehost vs Godaddy comparison here

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