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Website Traffic Monitoring Tool what is it? Why you need this traffic analyzing tool?

Did you create a new website? Or Are you a SEO Specialist? Have you ever suffered to track your web traffic properly to make sense to your customer? Yes, I know the suffering. As a Digital Marketing Expert, we all go through this. 

And Web Analytics data can be broken down into several other small categories to identify the exact strength and weakness of the website and work on it to improve the web traffic and make sense to the available data.

For example, suppose you see an up trending in visitors’ numbers in a particular category or a specific topic. In that case, you can write your next article based on that and make your readers retain on your website and make them a returning customer since you are giving what your readers want.

Website traffic analytics gives you the data of what your readers want and their needs.

There are several Web Traffic Monitoring tools available online which can provide you with this data. These tools allow you to analyze the traffic and measure the success of the changes you made to achieve a specific target.

Some tools allow you to track your changes in the campaign as well.

What is Website Traffic Monitoring or Web Analytics ?

A Web Analytics tool is generally a website traffic measurement tool that records user engagement on a specific website.

Like where the user gets to know about the website, what pages the user visited, the actions user took while they were on the website, visitors geo location, and engagement with the website.

There is no technical knowledge needed to use these tools as you only needed to integrate the website with the Tool that’s it.

The Tool will take the job from there and do the rest for you

These tools will provide you with enormous data once you connected these with your website don’t get overwhelmed. Highlight your necessary parameters for the beginning period later on the road analyze all the other relevant data’s

In this article I am trying to breakdown some fantastic Free and Paid Web Traffic Monitoring tool aka Web Analytics tools which helps you track your visitors’ journey.

Let’s get on with the list

1. Google Analytics

Google analytics tool
My small starter site which started in early Jan 21

Whoever thinks about Web Traffic monitoring tool, Google Analytics is the Tool that will come up first. Since this is a service offered by the search engine giant Google, reliability is high.

After all, we all crave for organic search engine traffic, and Google is the highest contributor.

Google Analytics tool is created by Google, and it is free for everyone.

Even though they have a paid version, their free version is more than enough for most small to large websites. There paid plan comes into play with much bigger websites which pulls millions and millions of traffic.

You will get these data from Google Analytics.

  1. User Geo Location, which will help to identify the potential target countries as well as Ad Revenue.
  2. Where the user gets to know about your website like Organic search, referral, Direct or Social media, you can dig further in this to find your best source of traffic.
  3. E-Commerce websites also get benefitted from this. They can track their sales, transaction, and user behavior.
  4. User engagement time aka Bounce rate.
  5. The device your user using, which helps to optimize your website for the majority of traffic, which will reduce the bounce rate.
  6. Engagement with your pages and posts.

And much more

How to Connect Google Analytics with your website?

Web Traffic monitoring insert header and footer

To integrate your website with google analytics, you have to register and create a property in Google analytics and obtain the HTML code from there.

And paste the code in the website headers section to track the traffic. You can add the code to the body or footer as well, but it is not advisable as this will miss some bounced traffic and may give faults traffic analytics data.

If you are using WordPress, you can use a simple plugin like Insert Header and Footer to add the code.

Web Traffic monitoring insert header and footer
Insert Header and Footer WP Plugin

2. Adobe Analytics

adobe analytics

Adobe Analytics is an enterprise alternative tool for Google Analytics.

Adobe Analytics is an analytics tool offering multi-channel data collection across web, voice, over-the-top, and IoT (Internet of Things).

Adobe Analytics’ focus is on machine learning and predictive algorithms for advanced insights than Google Analytics.

This is a paid tool. Only look at this if you are an enterprise level website owner.

3. Crazy Egg

Web Traffic monitoring tool crazy egg

Crazy Egg was created by well knows SEO Specialist Neil Patel. This Tool became popular due to features like Heat map, Scroll map, Overlay and A/B Testing features where the Tool tracks the user activities on the website’s page.

Crazy Egg’s these exclusive features allow the website owner to understand the most exciting part of the website.

Unlike Google Analytics, this is not a free tool. It is a paid tool where their Basic package starting from $24 per month.

Crazy Egg also offers a 30 day free trial period for your convenience

4. Hotjar

Web Traffic monitoring Tool Hotjar

Hotjar is behavior analytics and user feedback software.

Hotjar helps you understand why your website visitors take specific actions on your site or why they don’t take the action you want them to.

Get voice of the customer (VoC) feedback from real users through tools like heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys.

Hotjar is free for 2000 page views per day, and for extra features, it will cost you $39 per month

5. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics web analytic tool was also created by Neil Patel. This is a perfect tool if you are someone who is running a SAAS business but works well for others too.

Kissmetrics gives you insights on user experience and user journey within the website. Which lets you identify the drop-off and drop-in point of the customers. This data will tell you where you are losing your potential customers.

This is also a paid tool that starts at $299 a month, pretty expensive, isn’t it?

They offer a demo before you buy this as well.

My suggestion is if you have a well-established e-commerce website or SAAS business with declining customers recently, this the Tool that will provide you with relevant data to get back on track. Otherwise, do not take a look at Kissmetrics their pricing may hurt your eyes..

6. Mixpanel

Web Traffic monitoring Tool

Unlike traffic analytics tools, Mixpanel is structured to help SaaS and website owners get real time data insights on how people interact with a product or service.

Mixpanel has a free package where it allows you to track 1000 monthly users, and their premium package starts from $25/month

7. ClickTale

ClickTale is cloud based Web Analytics service that allows to visualize the website traffic on various metrics

You can monitor user behavior and interaction on your website.

Unlike other tools, ClickTale lets you identify the flaws in the UX and UI.

This is also a paid tool, and ClickTale offers a demo as well.

8. Quantcast

Quantcast is another cloud based analytics tool. Quantcast ios powered by AI specialized in AI driven real time advertising, traffic measurement, and Audience insights.

Quantcast uses various data metrics like Demographics and Psychographics to track the data.

Quantcast Deeply understands nuanced user behavior and interests with real-time psychographic data.

Leveraging these effortless insights to make smarter marketing decisions and tell better stories about your audience.

This a free and paid tool where you can upgrade for extra features.

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9. Matomo

This is a free open source traffic analytics tool. Matomo Used by experts who are privacy concerned, Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is a privacy-focused free analytics tool.

You can self-host Matomo on your own server or WordPress installation.

Or you can pay for a cloud account as well

10. StatCounter

Statcounter is one of the oldest web analytics tools. StatCounter is the popular Web Analytics tool before Google Analytics comes into the market.

You can put multiple filters and label them according to your need.

And they offer similar data like Google Analytics data like Real time Audience details like Geo Location user behavior and other metrics to improve your user experience.

This is also a paid tool that starts at $9 a month, and they offer a free plan as well where you can try out StatCounter.


11. SEMrush

Domain research done for

In SEMrush, you can access a variety of tools to do several types of tasks, including:

  • Researching competitor ad campaigns, ad budgets, and more
  • Researching valuable keywords for content and ad initiatives
  • Checking competitor website traffic and marketing strategies (Rough figures)
  • Tracking your performance across social media platforms
  • Monitoring your position for high competition keywords
  • Auditing your backlink profile
  • Auditing your website
  • Generating and sharing website analytics reports customized

For many businesses and websites, SEMrush provides tremendous value because of its complete approach to online marketing.

Your website can use SEMrushwebsite analytics to create powerful, click-worthy ads and user-focused content that drives shares on social media and across the web.

Like similar website traffic tracking tools, SEMrush features a paid monthly subscription which starts from $99.95 a month.

SEMrush can identify lots of low competition keywords opportunities and do thorough research on your competitor as well.

If you wish to try this powerful SEO marketing tool for your website.

You can get a free 30 Days trial period here.

Website Traffic Monitoring Tools FAQs

How can I monitor Web traffic?

You can monitor your traffic using tools like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Matomo, and Statcounter.

How do I track traffic to my website for free?

Google Analytics, Indeed this the best free Website Traffic monitoring Tool. Google will overwhelm you with their enormous amount of data from your website

Is Google Analytics free?

Yes, Google Analytics is a free service from Google, where they offer a premium version as well. But for most of us, Google Analytics free version is more than enough to analyze the website traffic

How to analyze website traffic?

To track website traffic, you need to get Google analytics or any other website traffic analytics tool configured and connected to your website. Once you configure it, Tool will monitor the traffic based on the user’s country, age, most visited pages, etc.

What should I look for in website analytics?

You should check for user sessions, page views, bounce rate, average session duration, most visited pages, user location (if you are targeting a specific country), etc.

What is Statcounter?

Statcounter is one of the oldest web-based website traffic analytics, allowing marketers to measure their website traffic on different dimensions.

Which is the best website traffic checker?

Google Analytics is considered as one of the best website traffic checkers to check website traffic & website traffic data.

How to see a competitor’s traffic?

To see the competitors’ traffic, you can use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, UberSugget, Alexa, and Similarweb. Some services are paid and some are free. All these tools will provide you with estimated traffic details and these are not entirely accurate.

How to check the website traffic of other websites?

There are various tool on the web which helps to check competitors traffic which is UberSuggest, SEMRush, Ahrefs ,and Simialrweb etc.

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