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Best Free WordPress backup plugins I’m going to go over my two favorite WordPress free backup plugins that I like to use in 2021.

If you’re not sure about the best way of backing up a wordpress website, make sure you read this until the end.

In this article am going to walk you through two of my favorite best free WordPress backup plugins for 2021. These are

  1. Updraft Plus
  2. Backup guard

updraft plus and backup guard both of these have really great free versions for beginners.

If you go to your WordPress plugin tab and search for the term “backup” you will be easily suggested with the Updraft plus plugin, which is the most popular plugin in WordPress backup term.

Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins 2021

Backup guard also not far behind backup guard plugin relatively popular and catching up with its popularity recently. Since both of these provides the basic needed features for the user for free.

Why WordPress Backup is so important?

As a rookie, let’s see the most common instances when unexpected data loss can leads to. They are as follows:

  • improper update of the core WordPress files;
  • changes in system files;
  • hardware malfunction;
  • software crash;
  • hackers’ attacks, etc.

As you see, your site is vulnerable to many outsides as well inside threats, and it’s your responsibility to keep it safe. Some providers of WordPress hosting services offer limited backups some offers extended backup, but it may be not enough for some.

The problem of data loss is especially critical for online businesses. If you run a startup, you may not have a lot of content to lose.

But once you established in the market for years and have generated a huge amount of data since its launch? You will lose literally years of your hard work, income, Data and customers.

To avoid such a horrific situation, you must back up your site. So, do you wonder how to back a WordPress website effortlessly? Use one of the WordPress backup plugins listed in this post, and you can do it easily, quickly, and completely for free.


WPVivid Backup and Migration Plugin

WPVivid is quite good, but I’d have found some troubles on very slow web hosts where it will freeze and fail to do the backup or fail to do the restore.

I don’t always recommend that especially if you’re on a slower web host. However, if you’ve tested this and it works for you then that’s great

Since WPVivid has lots of features. You can do backup and migration in the free version so that’s a really cool feature to have.

1. Backup Guard

Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins 2021

In Backup Guard, what I really like is that when you do a manual backup, you can give the backup a custom name that is really useful if you’re starting to develop a new website or a test website.

It’s good to be able to save as you make progress along the way.

It does have a scheduler as well. You could do a backup every week, one month or one day so depending on how much you make new content updates, you could just set that to be suitable for your website.

And it does have cloud backup in the free version, but you only get Dropbox.

But Updraft has a lot more options in the free version when it comes to cloud storage.

Backup guard Pricing

Backup guard starting with $25 package for 2 websites, $39 for 5 websites, and $99 for unlimited websites.

Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins 2021

And the premium version includes

  • Website Backup & Restore
  • Website Migration
  • Automatic Backups (single profile)
  • Backup to Dropbox (64-bit OS)
  • Backup to SFTP/FTP
  • Backup Download & Import
  • E-mail Notifications

And gold version includes backup to several other cloud storages like Google Drive, Amazon S3 and One drive

Backup guard Pros

  1. Auto scheduling in  free version
  2. Very reliable when it comes to backup
  3. Custom name for manual backup
  4. Free version work on WordPress multi site
  5. Cheaper than Updraft plus

Backup guard Cons

  1. Backup to cloud only has one option (dropbox) in the free version
  2. No migration feature

2. Updraft Plus

Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins 2021

In Updraft, you can do backups anytime you want, and you can also schedule backups.

When you click settings, you can see the schedule option. You can automatically delete and retain only the specific amount of backup as per your requirement. Which is nice if you have limited storage availability.

In Backup guard, you have to manually delete the backup files. It is not a necessary feature to have but an excellent addition in the free version.

It also lets you differentiate between files and the database so you could do the database every day and just do the files every month, so again you could really optimize the use of the

space on your drive by getting more database backups and fewer file backups.

Updraft Pricing

Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins 2021

Updraft pricing starts at $70 and $42 for the following years.

All Updraft premium plans include

  • All UpdraftPlus add-ons. And there are a lot. With this single plugin, you’ll get incremental backups, multiple storage destinations, automatic backup before updates, migrator, WP-CLI integration, importer, enhanced reporting, no adverts, fix backup time, more files, more database options, multisite/network, WebDAV, Microsoft OneDrive, SFTP/FTPS/SCP, enhanced support for Dropbox (sub-folders), Rackspace, Cloud Files, Amazon S3 (Standard and Standard – Infrequent Access Storage classes) and Google Drive (sub-folders). 
  • Free updates, 
  • Free support 
  • Free storage a year’s 1GB subscription to UpdraftVault,
  • Free tokens for UpdraftClone. Allows you to create a cloned test site instantly

Updraft Pros

  1. Auto Scheduling in free version
  2. Auto deleting feature for older backup files
  3. Most popular backup plugin and reliable one.
  4. Multiple cloud backup option Dropbox, Google drive,Amazon S3,Updraft Vault, rackspace cloud and etc

Updraft Cons

  1. No migration in free version
  2. Separate backup files
  3. Expensive compared to Backup guard

Best Web Hosting for WordPress that offers free backup

Final Thoughts

Backup guard is cheap, starting at $25 for two websites you get updates for one year on that one compared to Updraft, where it starts from $70 for the first year then $42 to continue to get updates so a little bit more expensive

neither of them are particularly expensive.

moving on to the conclusions backup guard’s free version has automatic scheduling it’s very reliable i really like using that custom name feature during the website development process

You only get dropbox in the free version but uh the pro version will give you a bunch of other options and obviously no migration in the free version.

In Updraft the free version also has auto scheduling but it can also automatically delete old versions of the backup so you only need to keep a certain specific number of backups which is good you and an advanced feature compared to backup guard

and the free version has a bunch of cloud storage options in free version you have dropbox, google drive,  amazon, updraft vault,  rackspace you can use ftp to put it pretty much anywhere dream objects openstack swift and rackspace lots of options for cloud backups in the free version.

one annoying little thing with Updraft is it does separate the backup files into five separate files so you get a zip file with your database with your plugins themes uploads it’s not a big issue it’s just a little bit more clunky when you actually have to use the files.

From my experience I use backup guard in a developing environment due to their custom name feature. If you are a beginner I suggest you to stick with Updraft or contact  your hosting provider for backup option.

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