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Best Cloud Hosting 2021

in this article I’ll talk about my favorite Cloud web hosting providers and how the service is different from the more traditional shared web hosting services.

You might be accustomed to everyone’s saying that Cloud hosting is the next big thing in web hosting so why should you stay behind with shared web hosting.

if you want to learn more about how everything works advantages disadvantages then Read down.

You might just learn something new.

What is Cloud Hosting?

What is cloud Hosting

In short Cloud hosting is a system of virtual servers connected over the internet that forms one giant resource pool. You can find a detailed explanation here.

When you buy Cloud hosting you get a portion of that resource pool your server basically takes resources from multiple computers.

Why is that good well unlikely VPS or shared hosting where you get just a single location for your files, your server instead is scattered throughout multiple computers meaning if one component fails it can be immediately replaced with another from the available resource pool without having any downtime.

Of course, so should you be thinking about switching to Cloud web hosting probably not actually unless you’re running an e-commerce store or a large blog or maybe a service website where you get a lot of users at the same time or a small business in short anything that generates money for you.

Then it’s worth it but for 99% of people that just want a simple website it’s an overkill.

You’re probably overpaid like hell and shared web hosting will deliver a similar experience. The main appeal of Cloud hosting is that there are no physical restrictions if your website requires more resources it can be easily scaled to the required needs by plugging in more computers into the shared pool.

You’ll never be in a situation where you’ve outgrown your web hosting plan and need major upgrades at the moment as 2021 are coming to an end thank god Cloud hosting is actually demonstrating some of the fastest loading speeds in the web hosting industry.

Sure, not much can compete with the well-oiled dedicated server but at least Cloud hosting won’t cost you a GDP of a small country.

And here are my top three recommended Cloud web hosting providers moving into 2022. Let’s start out strong

If you want to learn more about Shared Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting we have compiles a detailed article here

Liquid web offers managed Cloud hosting services for businesses or projects requiring lots of power and scalability.

This is the most expensive provider on this list offering 16gb of ram four CPUs 452gb of raid configured SSD storage and the 5 tb of bandwidth.

These plans are extremely powerful and will handle hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Still, they are a bit on the expensive side starting at $150 a month.

What is fully managed mean exactly well it’s basically like buying web hosting and hiring a developer simultaneously.

The support team at liquid web will monitor your servers, optimize performance where possible, and negate the risk to your site’s security.

You’ll basically have your own personal support team while liquid web seems ridiculously expensive to begin with you do have to keep in mind that this is a professional and an enterpriser solution it’s not for your run-of-the-mill small websites.

Liquid Web will actually save you money in the long run for your business by providing you special optimization tools and special security tools.

You get DDoS protection an integrated firewall as well as server secure advanced security.

If you’re wondering about that last server secure thingy it’s a liquid web exclusive tool that will optimize the security settings for your particular server automatically.

You can also customize what operating system and what control panel you would like to use.

You can choose from centos, ubuntu, debian and fedora operating systems, and cPanel or plesk control panels.

If you understood most of what i just said now great.

You will feel just like at home using liquid web if not then yeah you’re gonna have a bad time.

But do not worry I do have some other solutions that are cheaper and much easier to use that are more aimed at the general public and not these bigger businesses.

While Liquid Web is focusing on the best possible performance security and optimizations for your website.

Cloudways is actually taking a completely different route they’re focusing on ease of use.

Cloudways trying to make Cloud web hosting the new default choice by making it available to absolutely everyone.

Cloudways doesn’t sell any Cloud hosting on its own instead it works as a middleman between you and the top of the line Cloud server providers.

You can find the DigitalOcean, Linode, Vulture, Amazon Web Servers and Google Cloud.

How does that work you might ask well you can select the plan you like and Cloudways sets it all up.

The main advantage of this is that you’re given a user-friendly control panel to manage your server and get 24/7 support.

Things that you don’t get if you buy straight from the provider since Cloudways themselves don’t directly impact the performance. It all depends on the provider you choose with the configuration you choose.

It’s hard to pinpoint just exactly how well they perform but I tried the cheapest possible configuration.

Here’s how it went even with the cheapest version.

It managed to fully load my website in just 1.5 seconds even more impressive was the TTFB my vulture server responded in 157 ms.

To put this into perspective to get these kinds of results from shared hosting you would need to pay somewhere around $25 to $30 a month.

Remember how Liquid Web was all custom and hard to use well.

Cloudways is the complete opposite it’s the simplest way of getting into Cloud web hosting because Cloudways offers a simple to use control panel, you get 24/7 live chat support, they encrypt your website for free using an SSL certificate and on top of that, they even help you migrate your existing website to Cloudways completely free of charge.

One of the main advantages of Cloudways is the ability to select from hundreds of different data centers across the world.

For example, if your audience is from France and you would like to have the best performance for french visitors no problem vulture has data centers there.

The closer your data centers are to your website users the faster your website will load for those particular users.

Because information doesn’t need to travel as long and Cloudways has by far the largest range of data centers to choose from.

Suppose you use the links in the description below. In that case, Cloudways even allows you to test any of their servers for free for three days to check if this service is right for you. You don’t need to add a credit card or anything fishy like that. 

We had liquid web as the enterprise solution for big boys we had Cloudways as the really easy to use solution for beginners.

we have Hostinger of course as being the cheap yet still quite good solution.

It’s no surprise here Hostinger it is known for offering web hosting deals that are priced really well for their performance. Their Cloud web hosting plans are no exception.

Hostinger uses its own custom control panel which is more streamlined for beginners to find things easily and control Cloud hosting the same way you would manage regular shared web hosting.

I honestly like it a lot it saves a lot of time and messing around and hey at least it looks like something from 2020 rather than 1999.

While the custom control panel is extremely easy to use it sometimes takes freaking ages to load anything and if you’re doing work on four to ten websites boy just make some tea and relax those nerves.

Because it is easy to use but, slow, that’s the downside.

Hostinger is a bit more straightforward with their pricing than Cloudways is you get a fixed price that you pay upfront keep in mind the prices are much lower than the industry standard but you will get a

little bit slower performance as well.

It’s not as good as Cloudways or especially Liquid Web.

You have three plans to choose from and the cheapest one the Cloud startup starts at $9.99 a month.

However, to get this price you have to choose a hosting period of 4 years but if you want to host it for one year it will cost you $12.99 a month.

The cheapest plan also comes with 3gb of ram ,2 cores of cpu power, 100 gb of storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

In terms of performance Hostinger was a bit slower than Cloudways and Liquid Web. Loading the site in 2.7 seconds however that’s pretty good result considering the amount you’re paying and the amount of users you can accommodate at the same time.

Another thing is the TTFB a metric that shows you how fast the provider’s web servers respond to the request to load.

Basically, it shows the time after which your website actually begins to load to the user.

In Hostinger’s case it was 410ms quite fast to put this into perspective anything below 500ms is considered excellent anything above 500 milliseconds well we don’t really talk about these providers in this part of town.

Hostinger is coming in clutch with that cheap yet still powerful solution but some people may not like that. You will have to pay a large sum upfront that’s why Cloudways might be a more suitable solution for you.

If you don’t want to pay upfront you just want to pay month by month and for those looking for that premium sparkle, Liquid Web is the way to go.

Liquid Web by far the best in the Cloud web hosting industry if you know how to use them.

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