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Plagiarism is it good for Blogging? Is it useful for College projects? Is it ethical?

What is your stance on this? Please drop your comments below so we can discuss further.

I’d say inspiration from an excellent author is inevitable however not repetition.

Caught with plagiarism can be severe it is depends on the consequence and the severity of the plagiarism.

Student found guilty of plagiarism can be fined, degrade or expelled from the college depend on the severity.

How Plagiarism can affect you?

How plagiarism can affect you based on what you do.

  • If you are Blogger who writes about various topics of content and trying to move your content upward in Google’s ranking, plagiarism will affect you heavily. This may even have an effect on alternative posts and web site as a whole.

With the Plagiarism checker You may receive some false alarm even though you did not copy any contents, it is usual and Google ranking will not get affect for this. Google’s algorithm already evolved to identify these subtle false alarms.

  • Most of the colleges and campuses uses plagiarism checker to seek out the credibility of the projects and evaluate the authenticity of the contentsof Students work. It is always better to ascertain the contents yourself before submitting to find any false alarm.
  • If you are a Teacher, it is always better to check for plagiarism if you are evaluating your students work. Plagiarism checker will always ease your work.
  • If you are a website owner who runs blog and outsource your article writing work plagiarism checker will ensure the authenticity of the work. Most of the Freelancer in fiverr and other freelancing networks just spin the articles from internet and submit as their work.

 It is always better to check before publishing. It is better to check guest posts before publishing as well.

Since some competitors might try to use guest post to post copied content on your website to bring a bad name or hit on rankings.

It is always better to be cautious than being sorry

We always look for online reference when we research and write extensive about a topic or for technical reference from official website.

Plagiarism checker might catch these as plagiarism and report but do keep in mind Google also knows this so you do not need to worry about these kind false alarms

Is there any free Plagiarism checker tool out there? Or premium gives all the options you need?

Let’s check out some well knows as well as less knows gems of Plagiarism checker tools here.

1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Have you heard about grammarly? You might have since this is one of the popular tool out there to check grammatical mistakes. Where this is widely available in chrome extension, online tool, Word tool, Android and iOS Keyboard, desktop app and Mac.

Grammarly’s intelligent algorithm automatically detects spelling, grammatical and readabilityissues and suggests corrections to rectify the mistakes to polish your article and contents.

This incredible tool has a plagiarism checker inbuilt in to it. Where this will check over 16 billion articles in the internet and provide feedback with the plagiarism report.

Grammarly’s core Article Polishing features can be used for free, the plagiarism checker requires a premium or business account to access the feature.

Is Grammarly is worth the investment?

If you ask me I would say if your are blogger or Website owner this tool will definitely polish your articles where this will gives you vast range of option to optimize your articles and will be a best option for proofreading with plagiarism as an added benefit.

Grammarly plagiarism checker tool

How much Grammarly Costs?

Grammarly’s most of the basic features are free but if you want to use the plagiarism checker and advanced grammatical analysis you have to buy their premium version

For individual users, the monthly cost of a premium subscription is $29.95.

This can be reduced to $11.66 per month if you billed annually.

Grammarly’s notable Features

Grammarly introduced as a proofreading and developed and integrate plagiarism features in.

They have multiple platform functionality which other tools do not offer.

  • They have a option called tone detector where you can input your desired outcome whether it needs to be formal or informal or other several options to optimize your content accordingly.
  • Check Consistency in the article to better the user experience
  • Check the Clarity and Readability throughout the article / Doc
  • Browser Extension , Word Plugin, Online Editor, Grammarly Keyboard Mobile App, Windows and Mac App

Grammarly is a top proofreading tool but is it wise to use it as a plagiarism checker?

Grammarly for whom?

Grammarly’s created to the needs of bloggers, freelancers, and teams that create online content.

The”Business” plan supports the production of up to 100 user accounts more than enough for the ordinary content team. Professional writers, on the other hand, may settle for the”Premium” strategy to meet their everyday needs.

Do I Recommend Grammarly?

Is it a question? Absolutely yes. I don’t say you should only use it as a plagiarism checker but incorporate with proofreading and plagiarism this is one of the best tools you should check out for.

2. Copyscape

Copyscape is a famous free plagiarism checker toolused by webmasters and content owners worldwide to check the uniqueness of new content, prevent duplicate content, and track down copies of content on the web

Way Copyscape’s work is different from other plagiarism checker tools. Since copyscape give priorities to the customers who are worried their content may get copied by others.

In Copyscape just entering your content url will bring all the copied/similar contents from the internet.

You can get plagiarized / Similar urlupto 10 results for free for the published content via providing the link.

In order to check the uniqueness of the unpublished work you have to purchase premium credits to check the potential plagiarism. You can either paste the article or upload document or pdf to check for plagiarism.

copyscape plagiarism checker tool

How much Copyscape Costs?

Copyscape can use for free with limited features still satisfy the user need.

But for someone who wants to use the premium features like checking the authenticity of the articles.

You have to pay $0.03 per 200 words.

An additional $0.01 charged for every 100 words.

Copyscape’s notable features

Copyscape offers a product call copysentry an automated service where it will proactively monitor the internet toidentify who copies your content.

And the tool will send email notification once it finds out any stolen content which reduce our workload.

This is a fine product to identify the plagiarized content of yours more than identifying the duplicated unpublished content.

Do I recommend it?

If you are someone getting lot of attention from your competitors and competitors copying your contents Copyscapescopysentry is a fine tool to automate the plagiarized checking process.

Or if you are someone constantly buying your article from content writers copyscape premium will be a worth tool to invest in.

But their free tool will fulfill most customers need and trying out the tool not going to cost you anything at all. It’s worth the try.

3. Scribbr

	scribbr plagiarism checker tool
scribbr plagiarism checker

The problem with the traditional plagiarism checker is that they check either online published contents or unpublished contents to find uniqueness.

But Scribbr plagiarism checker includes over 70 billion online content as well as millions of publications in various formats for similarities.

Once you submit an article for plagiarism it will produce results similar to other popular ones like

Pointing the similarity percentage, highlighted text and source of the highlighted text.

But what noteworthy feature is their proof reading service. They are not using any AI or algorithm based technic on this like others they use actual language experts which eventually produce more significant improvement than other AI based tools.

But do keep in mind these features come at a premium cost.

How much Scribbr Plagiarism checker tool Costs?

This is one of the expensive service out here unlike others they mostly charge based on the length of the content.

For articles upto 7500 words in length 18.95 per plagiarism check

7500 to 50000 words it increases to 28.95     

For longer documents than 50000 words it costs 39.95

Expensive isn’t it?

	scribbr plagiarism checker

Scribbr Plagiarism checker tool‘s notable features

Their in-house language experts for proofreading this is something other competitors do not offer.

	scribbr plagiarism checker

Do I recommend it?

From my point of view, Scribbr plagiarism checker is an expensive option out there but if you are someone who is more conscious in perfecting your work, It is always recommended to use the actual person to proofread than an AI.

Scribbr plagiarism checker more targeted towards students due to their notable publications checking feature. Where a thesis work or project work can justify the premium price than a blogging purpose.

4. Whitesmoke

whitesmoke plagiarism checker

Whitesmoke have more similarities like Grammarly Where both have similar features like vocabulary enhancement, punctuation checker, Browser Extension and integrated Desktop and mobile apps.

Same as Grammarly these also doesn’t offer plagiarism checker for free instead paid essential plan will offer you the plagiarism option.

Unlike these Grammarly Whitesmokedoenst offer free option they have only paid premium plans where you will not get an option to check out this for free.

But under the premium hood, these boasts a Grammar checker and punctuation checker to polish your articles and writing. In addition to these, Whitesmoke has a translation tool as well.

How much Whitesmoke Costs?

White smoke package starts at $5 a month no word length or article restrictions applied on their package. App integrated package only cost $6.66 only $1.6 more from their base package

Where there premium and business plan offers integration with apps and browsers

whitesmokeplagiarism checker

Whitesmoke’s notable features?

Their app integration and mobile app straight a way help to polish your English rather a need to use their online app for polishing.

Gmail integration and mobile integration helps a lot to in the on the mail needs and other day to day activities.

Do I recommend it?

This is good to go tool for everyone.

Students, Techers, Bloggers or website owners for all this will be a wise investment due to its integrated apps, Grammar polishing, punctuation checker and plagriasm checker options.

And it’s affordable too. The only downside I see is that they have no free plan to try out their tool and decide yet. $5 for a month still affordable to give it a go.

5. DupliChecker

Duplichecker Dupli checker

Duplichecker isone of the great free tool in this list where it provides plagiarism checker for free with some limitation still the limitation can be surpassed with small work arounds.

To blogger who just started or a student who couldn’t afford to use a paid tool this is a wise choice.

Duplichecker will provide you with percentage score for your provided content for plagiarism along with the source.

There is a limitation of 1000 words per search still longer articles can be split down into several parts to check on for plagiarism. It an extra work though but for free you cant complain about this.

How much does Duplichecker cost? 

Duplicheker is totally free.

They do not even ask your email for plagiarism checking. So it is literally privacy free.

What are Duplichecker‘s notable features? 

They offer multiple features some notable features other plagiarism checker are.

  1. Grammar checker – It analyzes content to detect basic grammatical errors
  2. Paraphrasing Tool – This will help to give your article a new look by expressing it in a new way
  3. Image to Text – Convert your images to texts

And  some other SEO tools.           

Do I Recommend Duplichecker?

Duplichecker more targeted towards SEO oriented peoples like Bloggers Content creators, and freelance writers.

Due to its free-to-use natureit is wise to use for any normal school works and other projects too.

Do I Recommend it?

Yes absolutely, what you have to complain about this when it is free. They boast vast range of SEO tools to help you on your SEO game for free.

It is up to the user to get the full benefit out of this website.


Duplichecker Dupli checker

Similar to other plagarisam checker tools. is an online tool which provides a clean minimal interface to work with.

You can either paste the content or upload the document and give proceed that’s it. will process the content and will provide you with a percentage of plagiarized content along with highlighted area and the source of the content.

They are more lean towards organization but still they are more affordable and kind with their package for Students and Bloggers.

Check their pricing plan below. 

How much does cost?

For individuals and bloggers who is at the beginning stage will be easily satisfied with the basic package for $5.99 which can check up to 20 Pages where it costs only $0.3 for a page.

On the other hand Educational organization can purchase on a quote based basis with extra features.

Duplichecker Dupli checker‘s notable features? chose to go with a simple minimal approach with the process as well as the design.

They offer some extra service for the organization package and their individual package provides basic and essential features of plagiarism checking .

For organization they provide

  • Institutional web-based account
  • Search via all publicly available resources
  • Integration with LMS: Google Classroom, Moodle, Canvas
  • Creating a personal archive
  • Training, onboarding, personal account manager
  • Integration with other LMS.
  • Search in closed depositories and libraries
  • VIP support
  • Custom features

Do I Recommend

Either you’re a blogger, content marketer, student, or academic institution plagiarism checker covered all. They have covered everyone in terms of price as well as their features.

One of their unique feature is you can customize your features and in your package and request a quotation for your needs which makes it look like custom tailored product.

It is no brainer to give it a go and check their ability due to their affordable pricing. Depending on your need select your package as there is no any difference between the packages other than the cost per page ratio.

7. Quetext


Quetext has the similar look as grammarly and Where Quetext also followed clutter free minimalised look.

Quetext has an exclusive technology called Deepsearch to ensure the accuracy of plagiarism checking and they have a feature called citation assistant integrated into the Pro package.

How much does Quetext cost?

Quetext only has two simple pricing models Free and pro version. Pro version costs you around $9.99 a month

quetext plagiarism checker tool

Quetext’s notable features?

Quetext has an exclusive technology called Deepsearch to ensure the accuracy of the plagiarism checking and they have a feature called citation assistant integrated in to their Pro package.

Instead of modifying the plagiarized marked contents you can use the Citation assistant to create citations and give credits to the creator.

Do I Recommend Quetext?

You can be a Blogger, Student, Article writer or a website owner Quetext recommended for everyone. Due to their easy navigation and simple interface making it easy to use by any one.

You can always try out their free version and come to conclusion.Quetext is a simple and easy recommendation for everyone.

8. SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker

smallseotools plagiarism checker tool

SmallSEOTools plagiarism checker is a similar tool like

Both of these tools offer vast range other customization and features along with plagiarism checking.

And no account or email required to.   

How much does it cost?

It is absolutely free. No charges or limitation whatsoever

Smallseotools notable features? 

Same as these also loaded with lots of tools to play with.

  • Image compression
  • SEO keyword competition analysis — SmallSEOTools can identify the top results and unveils domain metrics, like PageRank and domain age.
  • Backlink checker
  • Design Studio Beta
  • Image Resizer
  • Facebook Video Downloader.

Do I Recommend it?

If you are a blogger or website owner smallseotools will definetly helpful in your journey. The creator have created this tool keeping SEO in mind.

So This tool more friedndly towards SEO people more than student or teachers.

But it doesn’t mean student/teacherscan not reap benefit out of this since it is free it wont hurt you’re your pocket to try it out.

9. Turnitin

A quick look at their website will convey the message that it’s designed for students, teachers, and organizations.

Turnitin has two featured up their sleeve.

For plagiarism checking of documents they offer their featured called “Feedback studio”

And their “Revision assistant” feature offers real-time insights and suggestions on how a document can be improved

How much does Turnitin cost?

Turnitin doesn’t offer plans to individual and non-academic users. Their platform’s cost only goes based on quotations.

If you are planning to get Turnitin for your organization your best is to call their sales for quotation and info

What are Turnitin notable features? 

Their “Feedback Studio” and “Revision Assistant” products leave no contents without checking for plagiarism. Whether there are text or quality enhancements available.

Turnitin’s program will undoubtedly discover it.

Do I Recommend Turnitin?

It isn’t for professional authors , bloggers, or small business people who want top quality, original content on the site. It’s for academic organizations that value excellence and credibility from the student body work

It is definite recommendation for Academic organization they wont go wrong with this.

10. Plagiarisma

duplichecker plagiarism checker tool

Let’s checker another free plagiarism checker

Plagiarisma markets itself as The free Copyscape and Turnitin alternative. It comes with a simple minimal user interface at which you are able to paste your write up, upload your own record, or enter your desired URL.

You may Also check your content directly from your Google-Drive account.

Later The analysis, Plagiarisma loads up a compact list of plagiarized text along with sources.

How much does it cost?

Registered users can perform up to 100 plagiarism checks. you can always create a new account and do more checks you won’t even need to verify your email. 

To unlock unlimited searches, you can pay $25 for a premium subscription valid for three months. 

What are its features? 

Plagiarisma Additionally supports over 190 languages.

Apart from All that, Plagiarisma also has a paid plug in for Moodle LMS. You can also Download the desktop, Android, and BlackBerry app for convenience.

Do I Recommend it?

Plagiarisma can be used by anyone who can be benefit from their system

Bloggers, copywriters, and website owners who use a different language will also benefit significantly from Plagiarisma’s multi-language support. 

Plagiarisma is a free tool that you can use without any commitments. You can absolutely give it a try. 

11. Viper Plagiarism Checker

viper plagiarism checker tool

Viper plagiarism Checker‘s clean and well-designed dashboard made a great first impression

The user experience is also quite simple. It allows you to initiate a plagiarism check by uploading documents or importing them from Google Drive.

And Viper Plagiarism Checker lets you upload more than one document at a time

Viper Plagiarism Checker has additional features such as

On the “File options” pop-up, you will need to specify the kind of your file. This Can help Viper deliver accurate results by specifying the source class to prioritize.

You can create a project by adding the documents to a project

Creating a project enables you to monitor the conclusion of plagiarism checks for multiple files. This is beneficial for organizations and teachers who should process their pupils’ admissions in bulk.

How much does Viper plagiarism Checkercost?

Viper took a more flexible credit-based program in its own pricing.

This Process successfully makes it an all time plagiarism checker for a variety of users.

A Single credit can be bought for $4. In case you choose to buy 50 credits as a package, then you merely pay $63. Which boils down to $1.26 per credit

Be aware that one credit may be used for files which are around 5,000 words in length. Exceeding this threshold can cause Viper to absorb several credits in 1 check.

What are Viper plagiarism Checker‘s notable features?

Viper using many options when it comes to uploading documents is obviously a plus.

In Addition to this, the bulk upload feature and project management components earned Viper a place in this list. The validity of this plagiarism checker is merely the icing on the cake.

Do I Recommend Viper plagiarism Checker?

Contrary to Turnitin and, Viper is not heavily marketed as an instrument for academics.

They more towards individuals and their programs intended for bloggers, companies, and sites needing a plagiarism checker.

Viper Is among the goods on this listing that I would confidently prescribe to anybody. The scalable, credit-based pricing model makes it convenient for all sorts of users.

You can Also ask for a quotation if  you would like to utilize Viper to get a large scale job.

12. is one of the free tool similar to duplichecker. It provides plagiarism checker for free with some limitation still the limitation can be surpassed with small work arounds.

To blogger who just started or a student who couldn’t afford to use a paid tool this is a wise choice. will provide you with percentage score for your provided content for plagiarism along with the source.

There is a limitation of 1000 words per search and pro gives you words limitation upgrade.

How much does it cost? is totally free for  1000 words and they offer . 3 paid plan as well. Plan starting at $20 per month.

What are its features? 

They offer multiple features some notable features other plagiarism checker are.

  1. Grammar checker – It analyzes content to detect basic grammatical errors
  2. Paraphrasing Tool – This will help to give your article a new look by expressing it in a new way

Do I Recommend it? more targeted towards SEO oriented peoples like Bloggers Content creators, and freelance writers.

Due to its free-to-use nature it is wise to use for any normal school works and other projects too.

Do I Recommend it?

Why not for free…

13. PrePostSEO

viper plagiarism checker tool

Prepostseo Plagiarism checker is an online tool that helps writers, bloggers, and webmasters to check for plagiarism. It scans and compares files against the submitted text to detect plagiarism.

Prepostseo tool is a free tool with premium plans for extra bucks .

They have boldly claim them self better than turnitin

Aside from the Students archived thesis, it scans online-available information on search engines to test plagiarism.

It has an advanced Algorithm which enables our plagiarism detector to locate copied or paraphrased content. After discovering plagiarism, it gives the connection of plagiarized sources.

It offers a simple interface. Follow the steps below:

  • Copy your text and Glue it in the specified input box.You can upload a document too. Click Select File button to upload a document from storage.
  • If you want to exclude Specific URL, click Exclude URL button and then paste the URL from the input box.
  • Pick the language To test the plagiarism in any other language.
  • Hit the Check Plagiarism button to finish plagiarism detection.

On completion, you will get: Percentage of plagiarized content, Percentage of unique content, Exact phrase match, Matched sources, Paraphrased match percentage, Words count, and Readability

How much does it cost? 

They have a free plan as well as paid plan for who require more features.

Their premium plan starting from $10 to $45, which provides 5000 words limit, Deep Search, plagiarism API support, 24/7 customer support and multiple files uploading.

They have monthly planning plan as well as yearly plan.

What are its features? 

Some of the key Features of PrePostSEO duplicate content checker are provided below:

1. Upload File to Check Plagiarism

Upload files from local storage to check for plagiarism. It provides support of various file types like doc, docx, pdf, txt, etc..

2. Chrome Extension

Prepostseo plagiarism Checker provides a Google Chrome Extension to locate duplicate content onine.

3. Ensured Content Safety

The content you check on Prepostseo is 100% safe and secure. We respect your intellectual property and don’t save the content in any repository.

4. Plagiarism Reports Generation

You can download Reports in HTML and PDF format. Click on the Download Report button to get the full report.

5. Results with sources & Percentage

It underlines the Text and gives source of plagiarism.

It gives the percentage Of plagiarized and one of a kind content.

6. Make it Unique

After checking for Plagiarism, click on Make it Unique button.

This our paraphrasing tool to paraphrase your articles to prevent plagiarism.

7. Deep Search with

Prepostseo plagiarism Checker uses its own deep search algorithm to examine plagiarism by conducting deep web searches throughout the internet.

8. Multiple language support

You can check plagiarism in French, Dutch, Spanish and many other languages.

9. Mobile Apps

You can download the Mobile program on your phone and check plagiarism anywhere. It offers: Android App, iOS App

Do I Recommend it?

It is recommended for Students, Teachers, Researchers and content writers & bloggers. You can try this for free and decide yourself to whether to purchase this.

14. PlagScan

PlagScan have developed this educational tool, based on Their innovative algorithm, using an integrated 4-in-1 alternative:

  • Online plagiarism checker (internet sources)
  • Collusion plagiarism checker (your documents)
  • In-house plagiarism checker (other users who decided to take part in our database)
  • Publisher plagiarism checker (exclusive writer data that’s not publicly accessible online)

After you Have analyzed your record, plagscan plagiarism checker will compute a proportion of duplicated content and creates a comprehensive interactive report that you analyze

Duplicated text, possible plagiarism and citations are directly highlighted in the text.

Sources are clearly displayed and accessible. The percentage of Your text seen in other resources is available.

How much does this cost?

Plagscan provides free trial which will give you credit to experience the tool.

They provide 60 credits for $5.99, which can be used for approximately 24 pages.

Which is sufficient to get a starter.

What are its notable features?

Plagscan offers features such as

· PlagScan Author Metrics: Option for Ghostwriting Detection and Stylometry Analysis

· Administration for Organizations

· Usage Statistics of your Organization

· LMS integration and API PlagScan are popular by a number of organizations using an expert Learning Management System (LMS), letting you integrate PlagScan to your surroundings and extend complete plagiarism checking capabilities. ·

Plagiarism Prevention Pool A more comprehensive database with different associations allows for the cross-checking of new submissions against older ones.

This eliminates the chance of students plagiarizing prior work from relatives or friends across cohorts

Do I Recommend it?

Plagscan can be recommended for Academic works due to its own pricing. Single users can also can be benefit from this tool.


My Top Personal Selections

Even though we have discussed over 10+ tools here. I have jot down some of my favorite and current using tools for your reference.

This doesn’t mean other tools are inferior to these. Every tool has their own pros and cons.

  1. Free plagiarism checker tool –

Honorable mention – Plagarisma

2. Paid plagiarism checker tool

Grammarly – Grammarly is my go to tool for plagiarism checking and polishing my English in the article.

Honorable mention Scribbr plagiarism checker tool includes over 70 billion online content as well as millions of publications in various formats for similarities that ease students and teachers work in their academics.

A plagiarism checker tool should only add extra satisfaction it should not become your go to tool in your writing.

If you have any feedback or correction regarding the reviews above please be good enough to comment it below we can discuss. Your feedbacks are highly appreciated.

Thanks for staying this long Cheers…      

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